Thursday, September 10, 2015

Inside the FishBowl

I've decided to title my updates to this blog "Inside the FishBowl." The idea came to me when somebody pointed out to me that my classroom is just like one giant aquarium. The more I thought about this, the more it made perfect sense.  People walk by our windows and look inside, sometimes they wave, and sometimes they will tap the glass, just like many of us have done when we have visited an aquarium.  I don't encourage this because it does stress the wildlife inside the glass.  This analogy may be one of the most perfect descriptions of a classroom that has ever been uttered.  Thank you to the person that gifted me this, I will be claiming it as my own from this point forward.

So far we have covered our first topic of the year with Oceans, Continents, and Maps.  I feel we've been successful in concepts we have learned about the world from previous classes and adding new knowledge.  I have enjoyed reading your adventures around the world and I hope you enjoyed locating places you may visit one day on Google Earth.

The main thing everyone really wants to know more about is the aquariums.  It is the most frequently stated reason why you signed up for the class.  We have had a couple of group discussions about the project and I believe we are ready to start getting our hands dirty.  I want to make aquarium assignments tomorrow so you can get to work on seeing your plans to fruition.  

We are still seeing some changes in our classes that will change up our groups.  Just remember one of my classroom guidelines: Be Flexible!  We will make the best of it and do great things together this year if you can be flexible and understanding that circumstances change.  I am looking forward to seeing what you do with the tanks.  Hopefully someone finally follows through with their grandiose ideas and we get some small sharks in here!

Speaking of aquariums, I would like to remind you of the guidelines for the assignment:
  • 4-5 tanks per class (until we get more)
  • EVERYONE participates!
  • You will get a little dirty
  • 1 daily grade per week
  • 1 major grade per 9 weeks
  • Keep a fish tank blog
  • Lots of fun building and caring for your fish!
  • Everyone will have at least 1 fish in their tank all year.
  • Food - varies for fish type (ask what they eat)
  • Decorations -provided by Coach Fisher, but you are welcome to buy your own