Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Week in Review

What an outstanding first week of school! I enjoyed meeting all of my new students and reuniting with students I have taught previously.  I believe we will have an amazing adventure this year and I look forward to seeing what you are all capable of accomplishing.  

This week consisted mostly of classroom administration.  We have only just begun our journey and we have to make the proper preparations for the long haul.  I have a couple reminders that will help us get on our way.  First, please make sure you have printed and signed the class syllabus sheet as well as the safety contract.  I must have the safety contract in order for you to participate in any and all labs, including the aquariums.  Second, please bring your $15 lab fee to me by Friday September 5 so we can expedite the order of the equipment and supplies needed to make your aquarium experience top notch.  

This week we will start by learning about all of the oceans and continents.  You will need to recall your World Geography skills from freshman year.  We will also break out into preliminary aquarium groups and start planning your tanks.  

Enjoy your holiday!