Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Thoughts Thus Far

On the eve of your sea floor feature quiz, I have a little time to reflect upon the path we've taken after a month of school. As we get to know how each of us work together and what to expect from each other, we should also evaluate whether this relationship works or not.  

The main point we need to determine is whether or not the class promotes learning. We have the fortune of not being bound to perform for any district or state mandated tests, but we still must learn.  Remember, you chose my class for a reason. 

I like the way the class works.  So far I think we have done a decent job of adjusting to the myriad of online assignments.  I know not everything has worked perfectly, but it does work.  Stay patient when things don't go exactly right and I will be patient with you.  

We still have more to come.  More to accomplish and achieve.  I want to get the tanks put together as much as you, but we have to be patient.  In the meantime, make sure we stay caught up on all of our assignments.  I look forward to when we finally get to "percent time".  Having the opportunity to pursue your own interests and ideas is not one to be taken lightly.  I really want to see what each of you will produce.  I believe you all can do amazing work!

Good luck in your preparation for your quiz tomorrow.  I want everybody to perform at their highest level.  Thank you for a good start and for your effort so far. 

Please comment below if there is anything you like or dislike about how the class or I work. I look forward to hearing from you!