Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Reviewing the Ocean Floor

I hope you have discovered that there is more to Earth than what we walk on everyday.  Under the surface of the ocean, there is a vast landscape of mountains, prairies, volcanoes, trenches, plateaus, and canyons among many other features that we continue to explore everyday.  While technology has helped us discover many different features of the ocean floor, much of the mystery of what lies beneath remains unsolved.  

We began this unit by examining the history of ocean exploration. Through this we learned how early depth soundings were recorded by using rope and a weight to take plumb line readings.  This method of recording ocean depth continued until the 1930s!  Around that time, SONAR (Sound Navigation Ranging) was created and put into use.  After spending some time taking depth measurements across the Pacific, we looked at the seafloor features that occur throughout the ocean.  Once we completed this journey, we discussed who owns the ocean and Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ). 

Sounds simple, right?  It should be, if you have kept up with your assignments and go over the class notes every now and then.  Please use all the resources I provide for all of you to be successful.  Lets make sure we blow the doors off this test!

The Review